Tax Credit Donation


People are often surprised to discover that although Legacy Traditional School feels very much like a private school, it is in fact, a tuition-free public charter school. We often are asked, “How do charter schools do so much more with less?” The Arizona State funding of public charter school students is traditionally 20% less than what is given to public schools. Charter schools are finding success because the private sector is better at managing funds, motivating teachers and staff, and giving more of what children need in a quality education. A culture of excellence, caring, generosity, and going above the norm is evident at Legacy Traditional Schools.

How can families and the community support the school and encourage teachers and students to continue on their path toward excellence? By directing funding to the areas that are most important to them. If only 100 families contribute the $400 allowed by the State of Arizona, $40,000 towards our schools, above and beyond what the government provides. What could an extra $40,000 do for the Fine Arts Program, or the Music Program or the Athletic Program? What if 1,000 friends and families joined this effort?

Tax Credits are non-refundable.

We will apply to the General Fund if no preference selected.