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Why Give

Legacy Gives’ vision is to change lives through education and to ensure that all students’ dreams are within reach. Donors, like you, help Legacy students’ education come to life.


What We Believe

Guided by the belief that every student deserves equal access to a high-quality education, Legacy Gives’ mission is to help all children lead healthy, active and connected lives by closing funding and achievement gaps in our schools.


Our Legacy Gives Pillars

Change lives through


Change lives through

Health & Nutrition

Change lives through



Ways You Can Support Legacy

Because of you, Legacy is able to provide a variety of programs, services, and opportunities to our students, teachers, and Legacy alumni. Our Legacy Gives Pillars help to keep our students at the forefront of education with access to technology, a commitment to healthy lifestyles, and improved academic outcomes through innovative classroom instruction.

Donations directly support the growth of new and improved educational pathways in a number of methods, including:

  • Broadened access to educational resources and experiences.
  • Active learning models with individualized and differentiated instruction based on student performance on diagnostic assessments.
  • Personalizing learning by encouraging exploration of individual student interests.
  • Time management for teachers and students through automated tasks - enabling teachers to focus on high-importance activities.
  • Reduction of school-specific costs by leveraging tools at home, accessing community spaces, providing online learning models, subsidizing summer enrichment programs for at-risk students, and improving access to early childhood programs.

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SKU: LTS Gives Donation Category: